Neuremberg Jetton

This is an example of a Nuremberg token of Holy Roman Emperor Frederik III (reigned 1452-93) and was used as a substitute for regular currency.

Tokens, of lead and other materials, were used in the medieval and post-medieval periods for a variety of purposes, including as coin when small denominations of currency were scarce (Portable Antiquities Scheme) but in fact the most common use of the jetton specifically was as a counting aid, for calculations made difficult with Roman numerals.

In the early 1500s, Nuremberg became England’s main supplier of jettons. Other recovered examples, from London and elsewhere, are known to have remained in circulation for some time. When circulated, they were used as substitutes for farthings, half-farthings and halfpence.


  • Object Type: Late 15th Century Trade Artefact
  • Origin Year: Late 15th Century
  • Dimensions: 20mm x 1mm
  • Materials: Metal,